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Astoria's   Lounge

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Venue  Entertainment

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If you have a venue which either puts on live entertainment already, or you're thinking of adding live entertainment to your venue then Astoria's Lounge can help. We can find and book the genre or specific act you want, and supply any extra personnel or equipement you may need; just let us know your requirements and we do the rest.


If you've not booked live entertaiment before, we can help. Having had many years experience in providing entertainment to various venues, we can guide you through the process of booking a band or entertainer to suit your needs.


If you book live music regularly at your venue, Astoria's Lounge is the ideal place to source new, exiting and above all, professional acts to entertain your customers, keep them on the venue all night and keep them coming back.


All acts assosiated with Astoria's Lounge have been rigerously checked. You can be sure of top quality, and professionalism when you book with us.

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