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Astoria's   Lounge

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Corporate  Entertainment

If your organising a party or corporate event, you'll know that outsourcing the work to a professional can acheive great results.


Astoria's Lounge can make your event run smoothly with no hassle. Right from the start we can source an appropriate venue, liaise with their staff, organise sound, lighting and audio visial equipement, time-plan the event, operate and oversee technical operations and pretty much do everythng that is required to make a successful and memorable corporate event.


Have a look at our 'music page' to get some ideas as to what you might want, or, just let us know about your event and we'll organise what you need.


eg. a cocktail pianist in reception as people arrive, a band at the conference/convention, radio microphones for the speaches, lighting for the stage, LCD projectors and screens for presentations, guest speakers etc. What ever you need, we can help.

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